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Arabic typesetting

Our Arabic typesetting and Arabic artworking experience covers working in the art of traditional Arabic typesetting, with experienced typesetters and artworkers in Arabic art working, digital and print typography/ typesetting, project managing and design, and now our team brings its wealth of knowledge into play working with All Adobe software, which revolutionised the Arabic typesetting industry. We have access to an extensive range of Arabic fonts. No one in the UK has such an extensive library, which consists of over 600 Arabic fonts. Designers are spoilt for choice. Each Arabic font used in Arabic typesetting is unique and has its own history.


Arabic translation

We have a network of professional translators, worldwide. All are Arabic speakers, and many have previously worked for the United Nations and the BBC. All are thoroughly tested, not just for their linguistic ability, but also for their in-depth subject knowledge. Making a literal translation doesn't go far enough – having an in-built cultural awareness is vital to achieve real meaning and avoid inappropriate words. We have built up a reputation for delivering quality work so we ensure our Arabic translators have the required skills and experience before becoming part of our team. They have an excellent knowledge and use of translation and localization CAT tools such as Trados, SDLX, Deja vu, Robohelp, Catalyst, Locostudio, Star Transit and Wordfast.


Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is a handwritten script and therefore different from the fonts created for Arabic typesetting. Arabic calligraphy is at the heart of the Arab world, which has a rich tradition of communicating ideas and thoughts through handcrafted lettering. We offer an in-depth understanding of the vital role Arabic calligraphy and language play in the diverse cultures we serve. Many logos have been crafted by our Arabic calligraphers – we are happy to provide this unique service in the UK. Elegance is key. And any typography should always be crafted alongside any imagery so they work together in harmony, and as a whole. We are 100% committed to making sure the content and the calligraphy are balanced in meaning and in mood.