About us

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With over 29 years of experience in Arabic translation, artworking and localisation. We have gained our knowledge working through problems so that you don't have to. We were at the beginning of the advances in technology that have enabled us to create elegant Arabic artwork, design and typefaces that still retain the fluidity and beauty of the original Arabic Calligraphic styles. We can project manage any project we take on, large or small, plus work as a team to deliver it on time and within budget. There are no add-on charges for translators. There are no hidden agendas – we will tell you if, for some reason, we don't think we can take on a specific job. However, we think that's unlikely, as we undertake any project on any subject, in any right to left language, and are involved in many major Arabic typesetting, localisation and translation projects.

All our team are Arabic speakers and can operate anywhere in the world. We run a mobile office, using our own equipment and the best software available with hundreds of fonts. So we not only offer the most comprehensive set of options technically, but also add a sense of style.

The wow factor

We believe first and foremost in accuracy, in getting the job done right, in every respect. We have the basic, technical tools to make that happen, to do what is accepted practice, like following a recipe. But we like to add more – flair and vision. We like to introduce a special ingredient, a wow factor, that makes us stand out from the crowd, and makes each job that extra bit special. So everything we work on is a visual treat, as well as full of the right content. We care about the finest detail, but also the finishing touches. For us, it's a creative process.

We often work in English and Arabic side by side, so it's important to get the visual balance right, without losing anything in translation. We believe every piece can have its own style, and we strive to create a visual impact, while still maintaining the integrity of the material.