Meet the Managing Director

“I’m passionate about typography,” says Papyrus’s founder, Medhat Singab. “I started my career in typesetting, working at a graphics house in Egypt. I used a CRTronic 150 Linotype machine to compose Arabic magazines, books and commercial print works. After gaining considerable experience, I moved to Dubai in the late 1980s, where I gained some great experience in traditional’ typesetting - that is, before the desk-top publishing revolution – but this has meant that I am able to really appreciate the art of typesetting and the finer details that need to be focused upon in order to produce high quality work.

At Papyrus, we still have a Linotype system linked to a Macintosh running system 7.5. This gives us the full Arabic keyboard, with all of the accents and symbols. Of course, we also have up-to-date systems, with huge selections of software and fonts. I’m fascinated by fonts, and right to left languages. In my many years of working in typesetting, I have gained lots of experience of working in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish, Hebrew, Pushto, Indic, Eastern European, Chinese and, of course, Western European languages.

As well as technological, knowledge I think it’s really important that right-to-left language typesetters have good cultural awareness. Many non-specialist agencies are unaware that in Arabic, each font has its own particular history, and using the wrong font can create a bad image. Therefore it is essential to use the right font for the right communication. We are always extra vigilant when creating magazine copy and advertising material and all are clients can be very confident that those mistakes do not occur.  All copy and illustrations are checked carefully to avoid causing unnecessary offence.

At Papyrus we offer the ‘whole package’ and see every project through from start to finish. From translation to typesetting and finally printing, we offer the complete tailor made package, at very competitive prices. We have great relationships with typesetting software developers, so we have the opportunity to be the first agency to test out the latest software. This keeps us ahead of our game and enables us to offer you unique, unrivalled, high quality work.

Our philosophy is to consistently deliver high quality production at reasonable prices with fast turn around and our clients believe we do this well! Some of regular clients are Bentley, Vodafone, HSBC and more…

This year we celebrate our 24th year of business, and look forward to sharing this success with you.