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Arabic typesetting

Arabic typesetting Fascinated by fonts
Our Arabic typesetting and Arabic Artworking experience covers working in the art of traditional typesetting with experienced typesetters and artworkers Now our team brings its wealth of knowledge into play working with Adobe softwares which revolutionised the Arabic typesetting industry. We have access to an extensive range of over 600 Arabic fonts no one in the UK has such an extensive library. Designers are spoilt for choice. We cover the full range of right-to-left languages including Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish, Dari, Hebrew and Pushto.

Each font used in Arabic typesetting is unique, and has its own history. Cultural identity is reflected in the written word. And handwriting is strongly linked to that identity and continues to be a natural source of inspiration in the design of fonts for Arabic typesetting. So it's important to select the right font for each job.

Our passion for typography means we also take time to work with software developers to keep up to date with any new tools for developing type. We test and evaluate software for companies before it's developed commercially, so we gain knowledge in advance of the wider marketplace. We like to use our knowledge of traditional script alongside any new initiatives in Arabic typesetting that can add to such a rich, cultural heritage.