Arabic Typesetting Experience In business for over 30 years

Our UK office was set up in October 2001 and offers a fast, efficient, sophisticated service in Arabic typesetting/ Artworker and Arabic translation . we launched our Middle East service in Dubai - UAE in 1989, we have an invaluable knowledge of Arabic typesetting/ Artworking and translation and have built up a successful team that delivers quality work. We were one of the first agencies to move from the traditional Linotype CRTronic Phototypesetting machines with cut and paste method to full-page digital layouts. No other Arabic typesetting/ Artworker, Arabic translation and Arabic speaking agency in London can match the amount of work we have done and continue to do in this business or deal with the complexity of it. We can translate and typeset any language into Arabic, handle sensitive material when required, and offer this service 24/7, worldwide.

As a team we have experience of working not only in traditional Arabic typesetting methods, composing Arabic magazines, books and commercial print work, but also with the latest software technology. We make a point of checking out and testing any new software packages that can be applied to Arabic typesetting, so we are up to date and offer the most sophisticated solution to clients. The more we learn, the more we can offer.

We have handled a wide variety of material and expectations so have the experience to work out the right technique and find the perfect solutions to fit each project, whether it requires Arabic typesetting or Arabic translation or a combination of both. This means that it is a stress-free experience for the client – so much of our work comes through recommendation from satisfied clients.