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Academic Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

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DTP Papyrus Graphics Ltd offers editing, rewriting, and document formatting for academic papers (including dissertations and journal articles). Our resources are proficient in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, and we have experience editing for a wide range of academic disciplines.

To improve the quality of your research paper, we perform the following services:
(1) check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors;
(2) check for run-in sentences, wordiness, awkward constructions, and vague language;
(3) review your research paper to ensure that all fonts, margins, indentations, and other formatting elements used consistently;
(4) ensure that text adheres to appropriate style guidelines;
(5) provide suggestions and consult with you to make your research paper more clear;
(6) enter corrections directly into the article.

EPUB validation testing
Our testing experts make sure the final product functionality and layout elements are running smoothly by detecting and reporting any possible technical issues or errors.

To ensure product works as expected, we examine the functionality of the following aspects:

  • • Style consistency
  • • Alignment and consistency of UI items
  • • Text truncation and overrun
  • • Links and hotkeys
  • • Page Sizing
  • • Font Sizes
  • • Character display
  • • Correct Flipping
  • • Compliance with industry standards (epub2 & epub3 validation)